About LiteMan

LiteMan is a simple GUI database manager for the SQLite embeded database engine version 3. LiteMan is written in C++ using the Qt toolkit, and is free software under the terms of the GNU GPL license.

LiteMan is meant to be used a quick tool to build database files for dynamic websites and application file formats, but can be used as a generic database application (though a low-level one).


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The main window
Creating a table
Building a quary


LiteMan is a fairly new piece of software and is in a state of pre-alpha. However, it still has some useful features:

Known Issues (and missing features)


The latest version of LiteMan is v0.2 (download).

Currently, only a source package is provided. To build it you need the following:

See the README file inside the source archive for building instructions.


LiteMan is developed in a GoogleCode project. The development of the next version, 0.3, is underway there.


Send your comments/bug reports/feature ideas/patches/hatemail and other vegetables to igorkh [AT] freeshell [DOT] org.